Wallace Wins Best of Fest, First Cash Prize

Bob Pondillo, our director, called in while I was on the air tonight, to let us know that we won the Real to Reel Festival in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and that we not only won Best of Fest, but that we also won their top cash prize of US $1000 - and that is a shock. A nice shock, but a shock nonetheless. So sweet - and the people there were so nice to Bob and to me during the impromptu interview on the air.



Wallace Headed to Long Island

This just in from The Long Island International Film Expo:

Congratulations! Your film, My Name if Wallace, has made it into the Long Island International Film Expo 2007. Please see the attached letter of acceptance, which will let you know when your film is being seen, and in what format.

Also attached is a schedule. Please check the spelling, length and format of your film.

You will also find a technical awards application if you would like to apply for any of those (optional). You are automatically entered in several regular festival categories (not technical) upon your application to the festival. Best of luck!

I've got so many friends out on Long Island, from when I lived in NYC and in Connecticut - Wallace just might make an appearance at this one!



Date, Time, Venue set for deadCENTER Festival

This just in from The deadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City:

Thank you for your patience while deadCENTER Film has been finalizing a location for your other screening. Your film will screen at the Skirvin Hilton Crystal Room at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 9th, 2007. More details on the schedule and venues for this screening and others are located on our Web site,

They've got a great intro video on their site as well...this festival really is a shining example of a well-marketed schedule and mission!



Wallace Hears from Winnipeg

This just in from The Winnipeg International Film Festival:


I'm writing to tell you now, to give you as much time to prepare as possible, that your film 'My Name is Wallace' has been selected to screen at WIFF '07!

We love getting mail like that, and since most of the software that David uses on the radio shows is created and maintained in Winnepeg, we might just show up there!



Montclair, Breckenridge and Del Ray Beach say Yes to Wallace

Emails, phone calls, written letters: film festivals get in touch in various ways. The Breckenridge (CO) Festival of Film called on David's cell phone, as did Montclair (NJ) Film and Video Festival to say that My Name Is Wallace is going to be programmed. The Del Ray Beach (FL) Film Festival dropped an informal email from their new programmer, Lamar Sulaka. Any way they come, we love it! The screenings page has been updated with this new information. 



Sonoma Valley Pops Cork for Wallace

Wallace just received word that he has been accepted into his 30th festival, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, April 11th through the 15th, and David will be making an appearance at the festival. The last time David was in California's wine country, an unfortunate incident with wine mogul Robert Mondavi led to his untimely departure from Mustard's - let's see what happens this time.



Film Bubble Version of Wallace Complete

Using Apple Motion, David's just completed the Film Bubble version of My Name is Wallace, an homage to Popup Video from the 80's. You can watch the film, and get all kinds of trivia and explanation in the form of animated thought bubbles that appear throughout the film. This will be included as a special feature on the forthcoming retail DVD, which all purchasers of the current collectible "screener" DVD will receive at no charge when it comes out. Matt Pessoni will "bake" the Film Bubble version in along with other special features, and the DVD should be ready in a few weeks. 



Trail Dance Sweep for Wallace!

Writer/director of My Name is Wallace, Bob Pondillo, stands with Trail Dance Film Festival representative Dawn Branch and Gene Brown, Mayor of Duncan, OK, where the film festival took place.

My Name Is Wallace swept the event, winning four major Trail Dance awards:

  • Best Actor - David Lawrence,”
  • Best Screenplay - Bob Pondillo,”
  • Best Short Comedy, 2007,”
  • Best of Fest, 2007

Because of this sweep, "My Name is Wallace" also won a distribution deal to have the short movie featured on a compilation DVD that will be rentable at all 150+ Hastings Book Store locations around the country.



That's A Wrap!

In just two short days, the crew of My Name is Wallace has managed to film all scenes necessary to begin the post production process. From here, editing, ADR, sound design, music and color correction will be handled by editor Jessica Berryman, sound editor Mark Duvall, composer Rolin Mains and Gemini Production Group, under the guidance of director Bob Pondillo.

My Name Is Wallace is slated for release in December, 2006.



Picture's Up!

Principal photography has begun in Murfreesboro, TN on My Name is Wallace, with Bob Pondillo helming, Matt and Scott Pessoni lensing the project.

David Lawrence flew in from LA yesterday and began preparing for the shoot, along with local actress and Grammy-award winning singer Leslie Ellis. Shooting is projected to take two full days, with all scenes shot in or around the Carriage Lane Inn Bed and Breakfast in Murfreesboro.

Documenting the process will be reporters from the Middle Tennessee State University daily paper, as well as the local press. Daniel Henry and Erin O'Brien will shoot additional footage covering the making of the film.