Cast & Crew

The entire credit list for My Name Is Wallace!

Inspired by the character "Wallace" created by David Lawrence

David Lawrence - Wallace
Leslie Ellis - Tiffany/Carol
Bob Pondillo - Larry

Executive Producer - David Lawrence
Producer/Director - Bob Pondillo
Screenplay - Bob Pondillo
Director of Photography - Matthew Pessoni
Cinematography - Scott Pessoni
Lighting - Matthew Pessoni/Scott Jackson
Associate Producer - Jessica Berryman
Assistant Director - Tarkan Dospil
Audio Post Production - Happen-Stance Productions (Mark Duvall/David Wagner)
Original Music - Rolin Mains
Tuba Solo - Joe Murphy
Film Editor - Jessica Berryman
Production Sound - Daniel Rowland/Seth Adler
Makeup/Costumes - Brandi Vettenburg
Special makeup effects/Tattoos - Danny Simpson
Set Design - Sharon Petty
Key Grip - Scott Jackson
Grips/PAs - Matt Holten/Henry Mullins/Tony Reyes/Jacob Smithson/Curtis Smith
Special Props - Jacob Smithson/Edie Urness-Pondillo
Script Consultants - Dr. Bob Spires, Susan Spires
Computer Effects - T.R. “Bob” James
Documentarian - Daniel Henry
Assistant to Mr. Henry - Erin O'Brien
Assistant to Mr. Lawrence - Lili VonSchtupp
Craft Services

Carriage Lane Inn Catering

SAG Contract Coordinator

Patricia Steffy

This film made under the Screen Actor's Guild Short Film Agreement

Festival Associates and Support

Susan Agin
Bob Becker
Jenn Selke
Ray Everett-Church
Tim Carter
Jim Kukral

Press Relations

Bob Becker
Luanne Bole-Becker
Larry Anreder

FilmBubble version of My Name Is Wallace from an idea by

Ian Stewart

Motion Training

Timothy Snell

My Name Is Wallace edition of Comic Book Creator

Planetwide Games

Trailer editing

Yvette Mangassarian

Horror Spoof Trailer

Jody McVeigh
Kevin Oeser

Thank you very much and you're welcome to:

Krissy Broiles and the Staff and Management of the Carriage Lane Inn Bed and Breakfast Murfreesboro, TN
Cindy Watts, Daily News Journal
Juli Shipley and Candice Vincent, Murfreesboro Pulse
Gina Logue and The Middle Tennessee State University Office of Public Affairs
Heaven Lee Rose Tattoos, Murfreesboro, TN
Professor Chris Harris and The Middle Tennessee State University Department of Electronic Media
J. Intintoli - The Middle Tennessee State University Photographic Services
Professors Bob Wood, Chris Haselu, Dan Pififfer and the Recording Industry Program at Middle Tennessee State University
Howard Fine
Kristine Oller
Kevin E. West
Paulo Andres
Members of the Cabal of Which We Do Not Speak
David Coury
Robert Edwards
Laura Gardner
Kevin Donovan
Mark Politi
Planetwide Games
Lamar Sulaka
Sean St. Louis
Paul J. Alessi
Amie Barsky
Annie Montone
JR Arinaga Bob Parsons and
The Apple Store at Glendale Galleria

All the festivals that screened Wallace
All the festivals that honored Wallace
All the festivals that rejected Wallace

The American Comedy Network
Joel Graham
Adrienne Munos
Dale Reeves

"Who Are You To Judge/Who Am I To Judge"; Written by C. Kelly/D. Beasley, Copyright © 2006 HimOwnSelf's Music
Used by permission - Vocals: Casey Kelly and Leslie Ellis

Clip from "Would You Cry If I Died?" Copyright© 2005, Honey Bee Hill Films,
Used by permission - Starring: Cara Francis, Tarkan Dospil

All characters in this motion picture are fictional. Any similarities to real people, living or dead, are unintended and purely coincidental.